Anti-Lick Strips

Anti-Lick Strip (S) Small (Trial Pack)

Anti-Lick Strip

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Anti-Lick Strips
Trial Pack: 2x Small Bandages

Anti-Lick Strips help dogs and cats that are recovering from surgery or minor injuries, or have tender areas caused by excessive licking, biting or chewing, by encouraging them to leave their wounds and sores alone.

The Anti-Lick Strip only contains natural ingredients (cayenne pepper, oregano leaf, lemon and peppermint) which deter your pet from grooming hot spots, lick granulomas and surgical sites and reduce excessive licking behaviour caused by stress, separation anxiety, parasites, infections and allergies.

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Anti-Lick Strips are only coated with natural ingredients and a special hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive is used for the sticky backing. Each strip is typically used for approximately two or three days before being replaced with a fresh one. The backing features a low-strength adhesive to avoid creating any issues with matting into the fur, and cleaning the area prior to applying the bandage is recommended to improve application. The bandage will usually come away easily after a day or two but warm soapy water can also be used to aid in its replacement.

The Anti-Lick Strip offers several benefits compared to a bitter spray. Sprays will often contain alcohol, propanol, glycol and other mystery chemicals which are likely to end up getting sprayed into the wound itself. Unlike a spray you can see exactly where the Anti-Lick Strip is, remove it whenever required and you don’t have the problem of the spray getting everywhere. It also contains more than one active ingredient, improving the level of effective deterrent and response rates.

Anti-Lick Strip (S) Small (Trial Pack): 2x Bandages ✔ in stock £4.75

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There are three bandage lengths available. Trial packs contain 2 anti-lick bandages. Retail packs contain 6 anti-lick bandages. Each bandage can be cut to length as required. It can be used on paws, legs, the belly, back and tail. However, it should not be used on the face. If the Anti-Lick Strip is used to protect open sores or stitches it is important to protect the area with a gauze pad before application. The Anti-Lick Strip can also be used on top of Vetrap bandages, and directly to the skin on shaved areas as long as it is kept away from any open wounds or stitches.

Some pets try to get past the smell and taste of their bandage. If your pet removes their first bandage we recommend trying again because many will learn from their initial experience. Trial packs containing just 2 bandages are available. You may wish to consider using a Comfy Collar at the same time as using the Anti-Lick Strip. They are a friendlier alternative to the traditional lampshade collar and can help to restrict grooming of the affected area. When used together they will have the maximum benefit.

Other sizes of Anti-Lick Strips are available. Please check you have the right one for your requirements and refer to our Size Guide to check measurements. Please note that for hygiene and sterility reasons the Anti-Lick Strip is non-returnable.

To save on postage costs we flat-pack our UK orders. This allows us to send Anti-Lick Strips at the standard letter rate instead of packet rate (which saves around £3). The only thing we won’t be sending you is the outer packaging.

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