Anti-Lick Strip - deters dogs and cats from licking, biting and chewing

Anti-Lick Bandages

Anti-Lick Strips are ideal for pets that are recovering from surgery or minor injuries, or have tender areas caused by excessive licking, biting or chewing, because it encourages them to leave their wounds and sores alone. The Anti-Lick bandage contains only natural ingredients and is suitable for both cats and dogs. There are three pet plaster sizes, available in a trial pack with 2 anti-lick bandages, or a retail pack with 6 anti-lick bandages.

Trial Size Packs (2 bandages per pack)

Retail Packs (6 bandages per pack)

Special Offer (Save on Postage)

Save £3To save on postage costs we flat-pack our UK orders. This allows us to send them at the standard letter rate instead of packet rate (which has also doubled in price in just two years). The only thing we won’t be sending you is the outer packaging.

The Anti-Lick Strip is designed for use directly on the animal’s hair and is a deterrent for licking, biting and chewing because it contains natural ingredients that your pet will dislike tasting or smelling. It can be used on paws, legs, the belly, back and tail. However, it should not be used on the face. If the Anti-Lick Strip is used to protect open sores or stitches it is important to protect the area with a gauze pad before application. The Anti-Lick Strip can also be used on top of Vetrap bandages, and directly to the skin on shaved areas as long as it is kept away from any open wounds or stitches.

Anti-Lick BandageThe Anti-Lick Strip is suitable to deter your pet from grooming hot spots, lick granulomas and surgical sites and reduce excessive licking behaviour caused by stress, separation anxiety, parasites, infections and allergies. The adhesive used on the back of the strip is medical grade and hypoallergenic. The all natural active ingredients include cayenne pepper, oregano leaf, lemon and peppermint.

The Anti-Lick Strip uses a specially formulated medical grade adhesive and is designed to fall off after being worn for a few days. When the strip comes off it can be replaced with a fresh strip. If your pet continues to lick and chew the affected area after the strip has been put in place it may be an indication that your pet has a more serious medical condition and you should consult with your vet immediately.

Size Guide:

You may wish to consider using a Comfy Collar at the same time as using the Anti-Lick Strip. They are a friendlier alternative to the traditional lampshade collar and can help to restrict grooming of the affected area. When used together they will have the maximum benefit. For further information see our dedicated web site for the Comfy Collar.

If you have any questions about the Anti-Lick Strip please feel free to contact us.

Anti-Lick Strips
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